May. 12th, 2011

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And we're reading again! I have to say that the icon is appropriate though, because it took me several months to finish this last book. But I'll try to read again during lunch breaks (if LJ doesn't distract me :P). And now that Roeland starts sleeping a bit better, I might just find the energy to read half an hour before bed.

I just updated my Goodreads page and am seriously considering making one for Alby as well. I should check if I can find his books on it. He is reading a lot of of comics (Jommeke is his favourite - I'm not sure it exists in other languages and if it does, I have no idea how it's called) and still is addicted to everything Geronimo Stilton. I'm trying to get him to read something a bit more difficult, but he's still too impatient to read anything which takes much longer.
And maybe Roeland will get one too, although he doesn't read himself yet (obviously). He loves being read short stories though, he always smiles. One can never start too early to get kids addicted to books. And if I keep buying books for him at the rate I've been going the past weeks, our house will be too small within a year ^^;;;


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