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Oh wow, I keep wanting to post here but never seem to get around to it. But now I really want something off my chest and I don't want to do it completely publicly on Facebook. I will share a link to this with my fandom group on FB though, since I doubt many people still read here directly. But I do want to talk about something and don't want most people to know, I am still a bit private in many regards.

I think FB is a great way to stay in touch with people but as I'm typing this, I feel my English has gotten worse. I'm not used to writing longer texts anymore. And I do miss it. So here goes.

As most of you probably know, I have been going to nursing school for the last three years. Those three years have both been very rewarding and very tiring. For the first two years, Roeland woke up nearly every night. I also demanded a lot of myself, too much some of my teachers used to say. But I had a lot riding on this and I didn't want to do exams over. In the end it all paid off when I graduated cum laude. It was even more of a surprise when a lot of other people I thought would also have cum laude, didn't. It's not that I feel better than others and I haven't shared this with any of my fellow students, but I am proud of myself and what I did.

After those three years, I thought I deserved a bit of holidays so I decided not to start working before September (I regret that a bit since my unemployment fee for this summer is at its lowest, but well). It has been a great summer with the kids. Roeland is a sweetie, who loves to cuddle and who will probably have a hard time seeing mum much less now. Alby has seriously hit puberty so we've had a bit of tension, but when it comes down to it, he's there for me.

So tomorrow I start the new job. It's at a retirement home, something which I said I would rather not do. But on the other hand, I'm getting a serious opportunity here. One of the head nurses they have there is not doing her work as she should and they won't renew her contract at the end of the year. They are offering me the job as of January. This means working 4/5 days and going back to school one day a week. This also means that I would be head nurse with only four months experience as a nurse. On one hand, I'm really excited about this, on the other hand it freaks me out. I talked about this with a few teachers and they are telling me that if my employers think I can, I should as well. Being a head nurse is also a lot about coordinating and about communicating, things which I believe I am quite good at. But I'm sure the next months will be extremely stressful for me.

As if that wasn't enough, Tom's also having some problems at work. Not that anyone has been making trouble for him, but they fired his boss without warning and he now has a new boss and she's somewhat of a bitch. The whole company is somewhat annoying so with all that happened, he now decided to apply for a few jobs (not that there are many in his branch) and two days later, he had a new job. It's only 8 hours a week but he hopes that it will expand into something more. He's keeping his current job and he'll be teaching evening school two evenings a week until January. If they have enough hours, enough students, it'll be prolonged in January and could even be more evenings or on Saturday. He had been playing with becoming a teacher for a while now so it's a wonderful opportunity. However he's never taught anything but badminton to kids, so he's really nervous about this. This also means that we have to arrange for someone to take care of the kids when I have a late shift and he's away on Monday and Wednesday evenings. If I should become head nurse in January, that problem won't pose itself anymore because head nurses usually only have day shifts.

So yeah, a lot of exciting stuff happening but also a lot of stress for now. I could use some peptalk from you guys ;-)

Sorry that my first post since such a long time is like this, but I really needed to get this off my chest :P Thanks for reading. Love you guys and feels good to be on LJ again :D


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